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Esports Solutions: Game On!

Esports is a valuable educational tool that can prepare students for classroom and career success. Bluum’s solutions empower students and staff with the gear needed to learn, compete, game and grow!

Flexible Solutions for Funding Challenges

Whether you’re just getting an esports program off the ground or taking your program to the next level, investing in new technology can pose a challenge.

Bluum's Leasing and Financing Services

Bluum provides Leasing and Financing services that make it easy and affordable for you to upgrade or replace aging equipment. We also offer options for you to return and refresh your fleet of Esports hardware to ensure students have a competitive edge. Learn more about Bluum's Leasing and Financing Services.

Using ESSER Funds

There has been some hesitation in using ESSER III funding for non-traditional areas of learning, such as esports. Esports programs offer additional benefits that fit the ESSER criteria:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Increased Academic and Social Engagement
  • Exploration of STEM Concepts and Career Paths
  • Improved Brain Function and Capabilities
  • Networking Opportunities
Learn more about how ESSER funds can be used for esports.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact Bluum to see how  we can support you in growing your esports program. Our Funding Advisory team can assist you in using ESSER funds and applying for grants for esports. 

Ready to Buy?

Make your school's gaming dreams a reality by discovering the latest and greatest in esports products. Upgrade or start your setup today and take your esports journey to the next level.

Grow Your Esports Program

Bluum delivers world-class solutions and support services in three easy steps.


Consultation & Design

No matter the size of your esports program, our team works closely with you to properly outfit your school and gamers with the right solutions to meet your objectives. Learn more about Bluum's consultation & design services.


Installation & Integration

Our professional installers ensure the integration process goes smoothly so you’re ready for events and competitions. Learn more about Bluum's consultation & design services.


Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support, even after the project is finished. We offer warranty coverage, repair services, professional development and more to help you make the most of your esports investment.

Get Expert Tips and Advice

Learn about the essentials needed to build an esports program and how it can benefit students.

Once considered just a hobby, video games have become a valuable educational tool that schools are now eager to implement in the form of esports or competitive gaming.

While the industry has certainly evolved over the past several decades, the most significant shift has been the inclusion of video gaming in classrooms.

There has been some hesitation in using ESSER III funding for non-traditional areas of learning, such as esports. Here's how to do it.

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