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Comprehensive Guide to Asset Management in Educational Institutions: IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Effective asset management is crucial for educational institutions to maintain control over their technology resources and ensure cost efficiency.

This guide covers asset management, its benefits, and how implementing asset management strategies can save schools money and streamline their IT operations.

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

Asset management involves the tracking and control of all technology devices and assets within a district.

This includes:
  • Tracking the Age and Lifecycle: Understanding when devices were acquired and their expected lifespan.
  • Specifications: Keeping detailed records of each device’s specifications.
  • Purchase Orders (POs): Associating devices with their respective POs for easy reference.
  • Bird’s Eye View: Providing a comprehensive overview of the entire technology platform.
  • Reduce Mistakes and Shrinkage: Minimize shrinkage by making devices easily identifiable, ensuring that any device leaving the district is quickly recognized.

How is Asset Management Done?

Manual Methods

Utilizing specialized software to manage and track assets is the most efficient method. These software solutions allow for:

  • Barcode Scanning: Automating the tracking process by scanning barcodes.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keeping all data up-to-date and reducing the risk of errors.

Full-Life Cycle Management

Some districts still rely on spreadsheets for asset management, which are:

  • Prone to Errors: Manual entry increases the risk of mistakes, shrinkage, and more.
  • Risk of Data Loss: Spreadsheets can be easily lost or corrupted.

Key Components of Effective Asset Management

Scan In/Scan Out

A comprehensive asset management system should include:

  • Break-Fix Programs: Tracking units coming in and out for repairs.
  • New Purchases: Keeping records of new devices entering the system.
  • End-of-Life Identification: Recognizing when devices are nearing the end of their useful life to maximize their value.

Asset Management Helps With Inventory Control

Effective inventory control ensures that:

  • Optimal Utilization: Devices are reallocated to areas where they are needed most.
  • Warehouse Management: Operating like a warehouse to keep track of all assets systematically.

UV Printing for Asset Management

UV printing can enhance asset management by:

  • Permanent Serial Tags: Providing non-removable, scannable serial tags.
  • Custom Graphics: Allowing for color coding by grade level or school, and logos for easy identification.
  • Reduced Shrinkage: Making devices easily identifiable and less likely to be stolen.
  • Increased Student Engagement: Unique, customized devices foster a sense of pride and ownership among students.

Integrating Asset Management with Lifecycle Services

Comprehensive Services

Bluum offers a range of services that integrate seamlessly with asset management, including:

  • White Glove Treatment: Preparing devices for immediate use, reducing the burden on tech staff.
  • Custom Imaging: Delivering devices pre-configured and ready to use.
  • Tech Support Services: Including hot swaps and rapid replacement programs to ensure students always have devices.

Deployment and Recycling

Bluum offers a range of services that integrate seamlessly with asset management, including:

  • Green Packaging: Simplifying deployment with eco-friendly packaging that reduces waste.
  • End-of-Life Management: Maximizing the value of devices being retired and ensuring they are disposed of responsibly.

Learn More About Bluum's ITAD (Buy Back Program)


The Bluum team will guide you seamlessly from start to finish, allowing you to maximize the value of your retired, end-of-life, or surplus devices.

Bluum can help your district achieve its goals by ensuring data security through meticulous handling, sanitization, or destruction. We also address environmental regulations in the disposal of outdated devices and maximize revenue by identifying devices for refurbishment and resale, providing your district with funds to address your other priorities.

What We Offer


Helping schools develop and implement strategic plans for technology.


From designing arenas to providing professional development, we cover all aspects.


Our expertise ensures that we can react quickly and effectively to educational institutions' unique needs.

Strategic Planning for Technology Investments

Importance of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential at the beginning of every buying season, typically starting in October. It involves:

  • Assessment: Evaluating current resources and identifying future needs.
  • Road Mapping: Creating a detailed plan for the next five years.
  • Budgeting: Aligning financial resources with strategic goals.

Involving Key Stakeholders

Effective planning requires collaboration with:

  • Curriculum Teams: Ensuring technology investments align with educational outcomes.
  • Finance Teams: Understanding and integrating various revenue streams into the planning process.

How Bluum Can Support Your District:

1- Technology Assessment: Bluum’s annual technology assessment for strategic decision-making.

2- Advisory Services: Expert guidance on selecting the right tools for educational goals.

3- Professional Development: Ongoing training to increase educator efficacy.

4- Purchasing New Devices: Bluums offers an extensive selection of student and teacher devices, peripherals, and accessories.

5- Refurbished Devices: Cost-effective alternatives to new devices.

6- Warranty and Repair Services: Protection for investments and minimized repair costs.

7- Device Buyback Services (ITAD) and Recycling: Recover value from retired technology assets.

8- IT Asset Management (ITAM): Asset management involves the tracking and control of all technology devices and assets within a district.

9- Education Summer Refresh Programs: Supporting Districts going through the summer refresh period including returning of student devices, securely disposing of outdated equipment, and gearing up for the deployment of new devices to incoming students.

10- Grant and Funding Services: Assistance in securing and leveraging grants.

Transform your asset management strategy with Bluum. Reach out to us for a consultation and discover how our solutions can benefit your institution.