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Boost Your Network Efficiency

Get complete control and visibility over wired, wireless, and routing devices across all sites.


Infrastructure Challenges

90% of districts now offer 1 device per student in middle and high schools - 84% in elementary*. Districts with antiquated network infrastructure won't be able to support the volume of devices trying to connect this school year.

Source: Education Week


Bluum Can Help

With 72% of K-12 schools operating on antiquated networking setups, the time for an upgrade is now. Bluum, a trusted K-12 partner, can help you navigate limited budgets to boost networking and security.

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Networking Benefits

By upgrading your district’s networking capabilities, your IT team
can gain a holistic, real-time overview of its entire network—from
utilization to individual AP performance. Allowing your small but
mighty IT team to get immediate access to critical information so
they can troubleshoot threats and issues proactively, saving them
time and resources.

Cost-Effective Innovation
Unlock the potential for significant savings with scalable solutions that grow with your needs.

Future-Ready Infrastructure
Prepare your school for the next wave of digital learning with Wi-Fi 6, cloud-driven solutions, and advanced analytics.

Transformative Educational Experiences
Facilitate dynamic learning interactions among students, teachers, and staff with a robust, reliable network. Ensure seamless connectivity for critical events like standardized testing.

Enhanced Safety
Increase network resilience through an extra layer of security. Extreme applications and hardware platforms collaborate seamlessly to bolster security without impeding innovation or digital learning experiences.

Simplified IT Operations
We make it simple for the team to proactively identify problems on the network and remediate issues before they broadly impact end users. Your IT team should have more time and resources to dedicate to new projects or initiatives through efficient management of network and troubleshooting.
Streamline Network Operations
Gain end-to-end visibility and management of wired, wireless, and routing devices at multiple sites and network types. Instead of managing multiple disparate dashboards, our solutions allow you to simplify network operations by providing you with an intuitive all-inclusive interface for informed decision-making.

A Unique Architectural Approach

Bluum partners with Extreme Networks, Inc., a leader in cloud networking focused on delivering services that connect devices, applications, and people in new ways. Extreme’s unique One Cloud, One Network, One Extreme approach reduces risk and simplifies operations by enabling distributed, highly scalable networks that deliver both strategic advantage and consumer-centric experiences.


Extreme Networks logo



One Cloud


Manages Everything

Unified management of wired, wireless, SD-WAN, and IoT devices with choice of public (shared or private) cloud or Extreme Cloud Edge. Enhanced visibility, security, and control via AIOps, Digital Twin, and business analytics.

One cloud infographic

One Network


Connects Everything

Wired, wireless, and SD-WAN devices connected by Extreme Fabric enable a unified, secure, and automated network as a single topology across campus data center and branch.

one network infographic

One Extreme


Optimizes Everything

Universal licensing simplifies the license process while avoiding hidden costs. 100% in-sourced, certified global professional services speed time to value, mitigate outages, and help customers maximize their IT investment.

one extreme infographic

End-to-End Extreme Fabric

Extreme creates the simplest and most complete experiences
for K-12. The goal is to provide simple universal licensing with a
single license per device without hidden costs. Extreme enhanced
services help customers mitigate downtime while optimizing and
modernizing their IT environments.

Unified, automated, secure network fabric—from data center to campus to branch
Simplified operations with automated provisioning on Extreme switches, Extreme Wi-Fi access points, and select Fabric-aware devices
Hyper segmentation enables secure service delivery across wired, wireless, and SD-WAN environments
Industry-leading, highly scalable, end-to end network fabric solution deployed in thousands of customer networks

Why Bluum

Our Promise


Delivering tech that is not just used but loved by educators and students. From seamless setups and complex integrations to extended warranties and a comprehensive buyback program for upgrades, Bluum supports you every step of the way. Together, we will break the boundaries of learning.


Your Vision, Our Mission


Our Account Executives help you plan your current needs and future aspirations. We are not about pushing products; we are about crafting bespoke solutions that align with your budget and strategic goals.


Join Us in Shaping Educational Futures

School districts nationwide trust Bluum for comprehensive
solutions to their tech challenges. From infrastructure to IT optimization, we are ready to help your district embrace innovation and drive forward digital transformation.


Wondering how to make your tech investments


communication bubble


As your all-in-one source for educational technology needs—including physical and cybersecurity, networking, and beyond—we are here to make impactful, cost-conscious tech decisions simple.

person with chart

Strategic Planning

Bluum’s educational strategists will work alongside your district leaders to help gather data, identify your key goals and obstacles, and advise districts on data-based decision-making. 

funding advisory icon

Funding Advisory

Our Funding Advisors research and review alternative funding methods to help fund state-of-the-art projects so districts can provide their students with innovative learning experiences.

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Our experienced Program and Project Managers have the experience and knowledge to tackle multi-phased deployments.

integration installation icon


Maximize impact and minimize disruption with integration experts who understand every aspect of your project.

technical support icon


Rely on experienced engineers, installers and programmers for training and support when and where you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my district upgrade its networking capabilities?
  • Make school operations more efficient
    Enhance operational efficiency in schools by enabling infinitely distributed, highly scalable networks.
  • Personalize student learning
    Improve decision making and drive more personalized learning by harnessing the data resident in the network.
  • Protect students, teachers, and staff
    Safeguard student, teacher and school data and improve compliance by connecting people, data, and applications securely and at scale.
  • Enhance collaborative learning
    Enable digital learning to improve student engagement and academic outcomes through cloud networking.
How do I navigate E-Rate funding?

E-rate provides discounts to assist schools and libraries in the U.S. to obtain affordable telecommunications and internet access. This program helps eligible institutions offset the costs of network infrastructure, internet connectivity, and related services to ensure access to modern telecommunications technology.


Navigating E-Rate funding can be complex. With a record year for E-Rate funding on the horizon, Bluum stands ready to share our extensive experience, ensuring your school maximizes this opportunity for technological advancement.


As more technology enters the classroom, schools need a network infrastructure that can support everything from AR/VR to smartboards and robotics while keeping management and
troubleshooting easy for small IT teams.


With E-Rate-eligible solutions from Extreme, public schools and libraries can modernize their infrastructure and ensure they are prepared to support smart campus initiatives, deliver services to an increasing number of distributed users, and speed IT-related deployments while maintaining headcount and budgets for network upgrades.

What is your approach on compliance and standards?

As a trusted partner in education, we are committed to ensuring compliance with educational standards and regulations, providing a secure and robust foundation for your digital learning environment.

Why choose Bluum?
  • Future-Ready Solutions
    Dive into advanced technologies tailored for K-12 education, equipping your students and faculty with the tools for success.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Stretch your dollars further with smart technology investments guided by our expertise in maximizing value without overspending.
  • Streamlined Process
    Save time with our expert-led approach to tech upgrades, from planning to procurement, backed by guidance on grant applications for reduced investment.
  • Customized Technology Planning
    From initial design to full integration, we tailor our approach to your space, ensuring every solution perfectly fits your educational environment.
  • Funding Support
    We are here to help you unlock additional funding, maximizing the impact of your technology investments.

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