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Touchscreen Displays

Bluum’s interactive solutions empower educators to improve productivity, measurably increase student engagement, and stimulate learning with compelling content in any classroom of any size.

Bluum brings you industry-leading digital teaching and learning products to provide the best interactive solutions for all your education needs, opening new possibilities for instruction and curriculum.

Dynamic Teaching Tools

With intuitive user interfaces designed for teaching, it’s easy and fun to engage and meet the learning needs of everyone in the classroom.

Partner with Bluum to craft user-friendly hardware and software packages for any classroom to improve student learning outcomes. Together, we’ll harvest the growing power of interactive education products to quickly empower teachers with digitally enhanced instructional capabilities.

We’re Always With You

Bluum offers a full spectrum of support services to ensure your interactivity investment cultivates powerful positive growth through enhanced learning and teaching modalities. Support services include:

Vendor Partners

Ready to Talk?

Are you ready to talk about interactive solutions for your educational space? Contact one of our experts to have a high-level conversation about which interactive solution would be a good fit for your learning environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do schools make sure the interactive technology gets used properly?

Bluum offers robust training and coaching for busy educators on how to be successful with their new interactive technology and get the most out of it. Teachers enjoy the learning and practice experience because the software is designed with simple, intuitive user interfaces that teachers find easy and fun to learn and use.

What if the interactive display’s software becomes outdated?

With Bluum as your EdTech partner, adding an IFP display to any collaborative learning space is a future-proof purchase as software updates are available to keep the hardware operating at peak performance for years.

What kinds of product details and support can your experts offer over the phone?

Bluum’s interactive solutions experts can answer all your questions, including inquiries requesting comparisons between different interactive flat-panel display manufacturers and models. Our experts can break down pricing options, available bundles and buy-back options. Our EdTech problem-solvers can also provide general customer support to determine when a technical specialist is needed.

How do we determine if we need an interactive display and which is the best fit for our unique classroom space and budget?

Interactive flat-panel displays are integral to everyday learning and they’re becoming more affordable every day. Our wide selection of IFPs can be a primary display used most of the school day (including as a centerpiece for hybrid learning), a collaborative tool for small group instruction or as a side piece in larger classrooms. There is no "one size fits all" IFP, so we offer an array of interactive panels and a consultative approach to determine the best solution for your interactivity budget and goals.