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Benefits of Bluum's Embedded Coaching


Studies tell us that teachers’ loss of knowledge following a professional development training can be quite substantial- we call this “knowledge decay.” Alongside this knowledge decay, few schools can devote the resources and calendar time to support the breadth and depth of training that it takes to truly integrate a powerful edtech tool into a teachers’ pedagogical practices long term.

Combat Knowledge Decay

Ongoing, in-person guidance helps teachers retain and apply new skills.

Deep Integration

Coaches facilitate the incorporation of edtech tools into everyday teaching.

Customized Training

Professional development aligned with your school's specific needs.

Comprehensive Support Tailored to Your Needs

  • Group & Individual Training
    • Formal whole-group sessions
    • Personalized one-on-one coaching
  • Flexible & Accessible Assistance
    • Drop-in visits/"office hours"
    • On-demand video support
  • Expertise in Advanced Teaching Methods
    • SAMR model proficiency
    • Blended and flipped classroom strategies
    • Inquiry and project-based learning approaches
Teacher in front of room of people learning with computers

Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Satisfaction Levels

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Guide your teachers to new heights with the compassionate support of Bluum’s coaches. Ignite a passion for tech in the classroom, inspire innovative teaching, and cultivate a school’s enduring support system. Together, let’s create a brighter future in every lesson.


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Embedded Coach Customer Feedback


Bluum’s Embedded Technology Coaches have empowered over
100 schools through 1000+ hours of dedicated training and individualized support,
enabling teachers to harness technology in the classroom with expertise and ease.


Of educators
agree that technology supported by coaching increases flexibility in teaching and improves student learning.

Gained significant
new teaching strategies through coaching.

Of those who have participated in the one-on-one coaching sessions agree that:

  • Now their EdTech is useful.
  • Feel comfortable integrating the tech into their classroom instruction.
  • Told us that student engagement is higher when they use their edtech.
  • Using EdTech increases their flexibility in teaching, personalizes their students learning, and positively impacts their student learning.


I am beyond thankful that we get to have our Coach on campus for the entire year. He is professional and incredibly good at what he does. Having our Coach on campus is every teacher’s dream when they are presented with new educational technology.

Elementary School Teacher
Houston, TX

My Coach often notices how I teach and makes suggestions as to how I can do things more effectively using my edtech.

Our Coach’s teaching experience brings so much richness to his coaching; he thinks like a teacher and knows fully the profession’s challenges. He is a great listener. He challenges me to push past my comfort zone to learn new tools that will serve me and my students.

Having our Coach in the building is an amazing advantage and asset! Otherwise, we would have a new piece of tech and no idea of what all it was capable of.

It has been extremely helpful to have a knowledgeable person available to help if I have a question or a problem. Needs arise frequently and cannot always be anticipated, so it has been great having our Coach available to help provide resources and information for us.

I want to commend our Coach on his professionalism and flexibility. His work ethic and enthusiastic approach to coaching have made a difference in my scholars’ learning. Our sessions provided the support and content needed to personalize instruction while enabling students to participate in the language of their choice. THAT was a huge step forward for my students. Thank you!