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The Catalyst for a Better World

Our Story


At Bluum, everything we do is driven by our vision to create a future where everyone has access to a great education. By empowering educators and students with technology, we’re creating a fast track to a world where every child is equipped with the knowledge to reach their highest potential.


Within every educator, there is a desire to leave the world a better place. We firmly believe teachers inspire human potential, cultivating curiosity and confidence while giving students the opportunity to create a better future. This creates a ripple effect that can transform generations.


Bluum was founded on the premise that access to education is the catalyst for human progress, and we’ve made it our mission to improve learning and make it more accessible. We believe that those who embrace the natural synergies between education and technology can help nurture the appetite for learning, prompting lifelong growth in the classroom and beyond.


Together, we can expand every child’s ability to change the world for the better.


Our Vision

A future where everyone has access to a great education.

Our Mission

To improve learning and make it more accessible.

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Working Together to Transform the Learning Ecosystem

While technology is an important part of our purpose, we believe the people who partner with us to bring it to life are the true catalysts of positive change.

More than just our ethos, our company’s vision is an invitation to our clients, vendors, and community partners to join us in being a force for good.

We’re proud to live, work, and play in the communities we serve, and we hope you’ll join us!

Leading by Example


At every level of our organization, we’ve created a culture of Bluummates who live and breathe our mission wherever they are. With many of our staff experienced in the education and technology industries, lending a helping hand on campus is where we thrive.


On any given day, you'll find us on-site meeting with administrators, unboxing and tagging devices for technology teams, installing AV equipment across districts, repairing devices, or doing any number of things to ensure that teachers can teach and students can learn.

The Values That Guide Us

Shared values make Bluum who we are and guide us in our purpose as a company. Our behaviors, decisions and actions are rooted in these values and they reflect the qualities that are most pivotal to growth of our customers and our team.



We are motivated by the pursuit of our mission – continuously learning and demonstrating perseverance to the greater opportunity of improving education for all.



We say it, we do it. We take ownership of our words, choices, and results because accuracy and accountability is important to us.



We are brave. We approach first attempts with confidence, pioneer efforts to spark change, and rise to meet challenges without fear of failure.



We see value in every perspective. We engage in collaboration with open minds and open ears, leveraging combined experiences to create thoughtful solutions.

Bluum With Us

At Bluum, we believe that education is the single most achievable step toward a more positive and equitable tomorrow. If you love technology and are passionate about ensuring every student gets a great education, then come join #TeamBluum.

We work with educators to create remarkable learning experiences while providing technology, services and support to nearly 26 million students across North America daily.


Why Bluum?

The Bluum brand is a celebration of every child’s limitless potential and of our commitment to help educators unearth it.


Best in Class

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