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The Coverage You Need, When You Need It

With Bluum’s SHIELD Program, you’re not just purchasing a warranty; you’re
investing in a comprehensive safeguard for your educational technology. Our
leading-edge coverage ensures that every customer finds the perfect blend
of protection and peace of mind.

Warranty Extensions

Extend your protection beyond the standard period, ensuring your investments are safeguarded.

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Full Accidental Damage Protection

Accidents happen, but with SHIELD, they don’t have to be costly. From spills to drops, we’ve got you covered.

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Fast, Reliable Turnaround Time

Learning won’t wait. Bluum’s manufacturer-authorized technical centers repair and ship out most devices within 10 days or less. 

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Unlimited Claims

Administration is simple. There’s no need to keep track of individual unit claims or worry if a device is covered or not.

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Case Options for Chromebooks

Unmatched protection options to ensure that no matter how many times a device changes hands, it’s ready to work.

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24/7 Customer Support

Easy access to friendly, knowledgeable support plus round-the-clock access to the SHIELD Customer Service Portal.

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The Bluum SHIELD℠ Difference

We focus on administration so you don't have to.

Bluum manages all repair services seamlessly from start to finish, offering convenience and peace of mind to busy tech and IT teams who are busy juggling various other tasks.

No Third Parties

Bluum coordinates all repair services on your behalf, including devices covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

No Hidden Costs

All repair and shipping costs are included in every SHIELD program. There are no deductibles, fees or hidden charges.

Exceptional Service

Bluum’s manufacturer-certified technicians ensure that repairs are performed with quality and speed, so you can maximize the value of your devices.

We'll Help You Find Your Perfect Protection Plan

Create a Safe and Protected Learning Environment

Trust Bluum for every aspect of your mobile device management—from purchase
and deployment through repair, management, and end of life services.
Buyback Programs

Trade-in and trade-up your old devices with Bluum Buyback (ITAD)

Cybersecurity Protection

Keep your students, devices, and data safe.

Technical Support

Take the hassle out of technology management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do plans include unlimited claims?

Yes. SHIELD extended plans cover unlimited claims for component failure. SHIELD ADP plans cover unlimited claims for accidental damage claims.

How do I submit a claim?

Existing customers can use the customer service portal to look up serial numbers and request warranty service (RMA) without an account number. Your account manager can help you set up an account to access additional information about your plan.

Is the shipping covered both ways and are boxes provided?

Yes, when you submit a claim, Bluum sends a prepaid shipping label to send your device(s) in for repair. If you require a box, just ask. We provide boxes – free of charge - for single device and multi-device shipments.

Can a SHIELD℠ warranty be added to existing devices?

In many cases, yes. To see if your fleet qualifies for SHIELD coverage, contact your Bluum technology advisor. 

Does the SHIELD℠ warranty come with a case?

SHIELD offers ‘Case Included’ options for many of its Chromebook plans. Contact your Bluum technology advisor for more information. 

What are the SHIELD℠ terms and conditions?

You can find the SHIELD℠ terms and conditions in this document.