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Understanding the Value of Refurbished Devices for School Districts

Refresh cycles are an inevitable part of managing technology in schools. Every organization must effectively manage and replace aging hardware at regular intervals to maintain performance and security.

The Bluum Advantage in Refurbished Technology

Recertified Devices from Bluum

As one of North America's largest suppliers of recertified computer equipment, Bluum Technology is uniquely positioned to help school districts find the perfect solutions for their technology needs. Our extensive range of products, flexible buying options, and diverse payment methods ensure that we can meet your school's specific requirements.

  • PCs and LCDs
  • Chromebooks
  • Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Storage and Charging Solutions
  • Enterprise Servers
  • AV Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Warranties

Demystifying Refurbished Technology

To better understand refurbished devices, let’s start with an analogy. Imagine you have a teenager who needs a car for work. You’re hesitant to buy a brand-new car due to the cost and potential depreciation.

You have two options: pay a premium for a new car that will lose significant value quickly, or purchase a pre-owned car that offers teh same functionality at a fraction of the cost.  

Continuing down this analogy, consider Open Box similar to when you drive a new car off a dealership to put gas into it and then return it to the dealership. That car is now considered used… in our case, an open box unit. And you get to save up to 40%. There is no downside, just 40% off. This is more of a battle of perception.

For Refurbished, the car may have been driven around for a year with 10,000 miles on the car. The car would then go through a 21-point inspection. For this one, you can save around 80% of the cost of a new device.

Ultimately, refurbished devices can provide your school with the same essential functionality and performance as new devices can, but at a fraction of the price.


What Is Certified Refurbished Technology?

Certified refurbished technology consists of hardware that has been purchased, used, and no longer needed by the original owner.

This doesn't necessarily mean the device was broken; it could have been lightly used or not used at all.

At Bluum, every device undergoes rigorous testing, auditing, and refurbishment to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. 

We then certify and sell these devices at lower prices, helping schools stretch their budgets further.

Take Action: Discover the Savings with Bluum's Refurbished Program

Are you considering a new technology purchase for your school? Before you commit, let Bluum show you the potential savings with our refurbished program.

Simply send us your current quote, and we'll create a comparative analysis using our open box and refurbished options. Bluum will work to match your needs and demonstrate how much you can save without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Certified Refurbished Technology for School Districts

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Certified refurbished technology allows schools to obtain the devices they need within their budget constraints.



Devices, especially those from reliable brands like HP, Acer, ASUS, and others, have long lifespans. There’s often no need to buy new, particularly given the demanding usage in schools.


Educational Impact

Certified refurbished technology is perfect for outfitting new schools, filling technology gaps, completing classroom sets, or equipping administrators with the necessary tools while still working within budget constraints.

Why Choose Bluum for Certified Refurbished Devices?

With Bluum, you get high-quality devices in the quantities you need, when you need them. Each device undergoes a clear, thorough, and rigorous quality control process to ensure it is in excellent working condition.

Our recertified equipment comes from end-of-lease corporate customers, ensuring high-quality, corporate-grade models. Once these devices arrive at our facilities, they undergo rigorous testing, repairs, and are loaded with a new operating system.

Bluum's recertified hardware undergoes two separate testing and auditing processes. That’s right, we do it twice! Each unit passes through automated diagnostics and manual checks to ensure reliability and quality.

Recertified Windows devices offer a proven alternative for schools. They provide reliable technology for students while significantly lowering acquisition and maintenance costs.

We understand the critical role technology plays in education and are committed to minimizing instructional downtime.

For over 30 years, Bluum has been trusted partners to K-12 schools, delivering exceptional service and reliable technology solutions.

Our certified refurbished devices come with the industry's longest and most generous warranty- up to 4 years- tailored to meet the needs of schools and districts.  tailored to meet the needs of schools and districts.

How Bluum Can Support Your District:

1- Technology Assessment: Bluum’s annual technology assessment for strategic decision-making.

2- Advisory Services: Expert guidance on selecting the right tools for educational goals.

3- Professional Development: Ongoing training to increase educator efficacy.

4- Purchasing New Devices: Bluums offers an extensive selection of student and teacher devices, peripherals, and accessories.

5- Refurbished Devices: Cost-effective alternatives to new devices.

6- Warranty and Repair Services: Protection for investments and minimized repair costs.

7- Device Buyback Services (ITAD) and Recycling: Recover value from retired technology assets.

8- IT Asset Management (ITAM): Asset management involves the tracking and control of all technology devices and assets within a district.

9- Education Summer Refresh Programs: Supporting Districts going through the summer refresh period including returning of student devices, securely disposing of outdated equipment, and gearing up for the deployment of new devices to incoming students.

10- Grant and Funding Services: Assistance in securing and leveraging grants.

Learn more about how certified refurbished devices can help your school or district navigate the refresh cycle and maximize your technology budget.