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Wouldn’t it be amazing if every school had a dedicated space for students to calm down and regulate their emotions? There is a growing need for mental wellness support in schools, so we're introducing a new way to create calming and serene spaces with projection.

A calming room is an essential resource in today's K-12 schools, providing crucial emotional and psychological support for students.

Here's why district decision-makers should prioritize this investment:

Benefits of Calming Rooms in Schools 🌿

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1. Improved Emotional Regulation in Schools

  Support Students in Crisis: Helps students step out of high-stress situations, self-regulate their emotions, and return to class more focused and ready to learn.

  Prevent Conflicts: By offering a safe environment to de-escalate emotions, students can avoid disruptive incidents, reducing classroom interruptions.


2. Enhanced Academic Performance 📚

  Reduce Student Anxiety & Stress: A calming environment reduces student stress and anxiety, directly influencing concentration, participation, and overall academic achievement.
  Continuity in Learning: Allows students to maintain engagement by providing a brief respite rather than missing an entire class.

3. Resilience Building

  Develop Coping Strategies: Students learn effective ways to manage their emotions and stressful situations, building resilience essential for personal and academic challenges.

4. Inclusivity & Support for Diverse Needs

  Special Education Support: Particularly beneficial for neurodivergent students or those with sensory processing challenges, providing a low-stimulation zone to decompress.
  Holistic Well-being: Benefits all students by promoting student mental wellness and reducing stigma around seeking support.


Why a Calming Room in School Matters 🌟

Why a Calming Room Matters


School Climate Improvement: Encourages a nurturing, supportive school culture that prioritizes student mental wellness.

Proactive Support: Anticipates and addresses student mental health needs before they escalate into bigger challenges requiring disciplinary action.

Staff Efficiency: Helps educators focus on teaching by reducing classroom disruptions and improving overall behavior.



Types of School Calming Rooms 🌺

Types of Calming Rooms

1- Sensory Rooms in schools: Equipped with tactile, visual, and auditory stimuli to support neurodivergent students.

2- Quiet Spaces in schools: Minimalistic environments with soft lighting, comfortable seating, and relaxing visuals.

3- Mindfulness Rooms in schools: Include resources for guided meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness activities.



Why Choose Epson Projectors & Bluum for School Calming Rooms? 💡

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  • High-Quality Projection: Epson’s high-brightness projectors provide crisp, immersive visuals for guided relaxation.
  • Space Optimization: With the motto "use the wall, don't lose the wall," Epson’s projectors for schools adapt seamlessly to any space, maximizing your educational environment.
  • Seamless Integration: Bluum provides full-service support, from networking to audiovisual needs, ensuring your calming room aligns with district goals.
  • Budget-Friendly: We understand the budget constraints faced by schools and offer solutions that reduce initial costs and offer long-term savings.


Investing in a school calming room not only addresses immediate emotional and behavioral needs but also nurtures a generation of students who are emotionally intelligent, resilient, and equipped for future success. We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our Bluum Account Executives.


Don’t Forget Classroom Projectors

From budget-friendly to advanced networking options, Epson's classroom projectors feature quick and easy setup tools, premium audio, and wireless moderator display controls, making them ideal for diverse classroom needs.

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