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As the school year wraps up, the summer refresh period becomes essential for K-12 educators and district IT teams.

This time involves managing the:

Bluum can help your district achieve its goals by ensuring data security through meticulous handling, sanitization, or destruction.
We recognize the unique challenges your district is facing and are here to help!
Our expertise and streamlined processes ease the strain on internal resources, ensuring a smooth transition between device returns and new deployments.

Alleviate Summer Refresh Burden with Bluum

Bluum offers comprehensive support to district IT teams during the summer refresh, providing IT Asset Management (ITAM) and ITAD solutions tailored to your district’s specific needs.

Bluum offers full lifecycle management services.

Bluum can help your district achieve its goals by ensuring data security through meticulous handling, sanitization, or destruction.

We also address environmental regulations in the disposal of outdated devices and maximize revenue by identifying devices for refurbishment and resale, providing your district with funds to address your other priorities.

Return Logistics with Bluum

Coordinating the return of devices from students can be a logistical challenge and a significant task for a district's limited resources.

Managing the influx of equipment, tracking each device's condition, and ensuring a smooth transition from the end of one academic year to preparing new devices for the next requires meticulous planning.

This makes the summer refresh period an overwhelming time for district IT staff.

Lean on Bluum's expertise to support you in this process, making it more manageable and efficient.


Summer Refresh

Retired Equipment Disposal with Bluum

Managing retired equipment during the summer refresh period requires careful attention to avoid risks. Learn more about Bluum’s ITAD solutions.

It's essential to safeguard data from returned devices to protect sensitive student information.



Proper disposal methods for outdated devices must be employed to adhere to environmental regulations.

Selling devices that are not yet at the end of their lifecycle can provide an opportunity to repurpose them while maximizing your return on investment. This creates a revenue stream that districts can use to fund additional needs. Bluum’s expertise ensures that these processes are handled efficiently and securely.


Summer Refresh_1

New Device Deployment with Bluum

Deploying new devices for incoming students presents its own set of challenges. Learn more about Bluum’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) service.

The tasks of unboxing, configuring, and tagging new assets require significant time and resources.

District IT staff must ensure that these processes are conducted efficiently to meet deployment deadlines while maintaining the highest configuration quality.

Bluum's support and expertise streamline these tasks, helping your district manage new device deployment seamlessly and effectively.



Implementing a comprehensive lifecycle management strategy for K-12 devices empowers educational institutions to maximize technology investments, slash costs, and elevate students' learning experiences and outcomes.

Why Choose Bluum?

Bluum stands out by providing tailored solutions specifically designed for the educational sector. Our services are comprehensive and focused on improving educational outcomes.

Bluum distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive lifecycle management of educational technology, encompassing tech support, warranty coverage, and a buyback policy.

This holistic approach ensures that districts not only receive state-of-the-art technology solutions but also enjoy sustained support throughout the technology's lifespan. From troubleshooting and repairs to warranty claims and eventual upgrades, Bluum's end-to-end management services alleviate the administrative burden on school districts, allowing them to focus on educational excellence.

How Bluum Can Support Your District:

1- Technology Assessment: Bluum’s annual technology assessment for strategic decision-making.

2- Advisory Services: Expert guidance on selecting the right tools for educational goals.

3- Professional Development: Ongoing training to increase educator efficacy.

4- Purchasing New Devices: Bluums offers an extensive selection of student and teacher devices, peripherals, and accessories.

5- Refurbished Devices: Cost-effective alternatives to new devices.

6- Warranty and Repair Services: Protection for investments and minimized repair costs.

7- Device Buyback Services (ITAD) and Recycling: Recover value from retired technology assets.

8- IT Asset Management (ITAM): Asset management involves the tracking and control of all technology devices and assets within a district.

9- Refresh Cliff: Get strategies on how best to save money with your next refresh cycle.

10- Grant and Funding Services: Assistance in securing and leveraging grants.

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