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The past four years have brought significant changes to the educational technology market. With the number of devices in classrooms doubling and COVID-19 relief funding sunsetting, districts are facing budget cuts and staffing reductions. IT departments are now tasked with making the most out of limited resources. Bluum is here to help.

Sustainable Solutions for Managing Refresh Cycles

Every organization will eventually need to replace outdated hardware to ensure optimal performance and security. Refresh cycles are an unavoidable aspect of managing technology.

The Challenges

"Make It Work" Mandate

IT departments are under pressure to make existing technology work despite growing needs and shrinking budgets. This often means extending the life of devices beyond their expected lifespan or finding cost-effective alternatives.

Consider Device Insurance Options

Many schools are facing a "refresh cliff," where the bulk of their technology fleet is aging out at the same time. Without strategic planning, this can lead to significant disruptions in learning.


Strategies to Extend the Life of K-12 Student Devices

In many districts, IT leaders are revisiting their planning processes to find ways to keep working devices in students' hands. Extending the life of existing devices is priority #1 for many districts.

Schools have numerous options when it comes to extending the life of student technology, but it starts with protecting the devices already in use.

Below, Bluum recorded an informational video to provide K-12 IT departments with actionable strategies to maintain and refresh their technology infrastructure without overspending.


Evaluate Insurance and Warranty Options

IT leaders should evaluate device insurance options for their current ecosystem of laptops and tablets. This approach helps districts minimize the cost of damaged devices throughout their device lifecycle.

Bluum offers several programs to help maintain and extend the usability of devices.

Our comprehensive warranty program allows for unlimited repairs, a significant advantage over competitors whose warranties often limit repairs to just one per device. By leveraging Bluum’s warranty program, your district should be able to extend the life of your devices.

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Tech Support

Next, does your team have access to tech support as needed? Leveraging additional tech support resources can help extend the life of your devices because timely and expert assistance ensures that any issues are quickly resolved, minimizing downtime and preventing minor problems from escalating into major ones.

This proactive approach not only maintains the functionality of your devices but also maximizes their longevity, allowing your district to make the most of its technology investments.

Bluum offers tech support and training for IT professionals, ensuring that devices are quickly and efficiently serviced. All phone, chat, and email support is free. Get priority on-site service as a service contract customer or bill per visit.

Additional Strategies to Extend the Life of Your District’s Devices

Due to budget constraints, many districts are selecting certain grades to refresh their devices and passing older devices down to younger students. For example, a school district may choose to refresh grades 4 and 5 for their elementary schools in the year to come and identify which devices are in good working order to pass down to 2nd and 3rd-grade students to flip out their end-of-life devices.

Additionally, districts can keep older devices on hand as loaners for students who misplace or break theirs.

Chrome OS Flex

Some districts are now downloading Chrome OS Flex, a cloud-based, free-to-download operating system that can turn older PCs and Macs into Chrome OS devices. This innovative software offers schools the opportunity to reduce electronic waste, extend the life of their existing hardware, and save both time and money.

Chrome OS Flex is designed for easy installation by IT teams. Depending on the number of devices being updated, it can be installed on end-user devices either via a USB stick or through a network deployment. This flexibility ensures that schools can efficiently upgrade their technology infrastructure, keeping devices in service longer and maximizing their investment in educational technology.

Financial Planning and Refresh Cycles

While this refresh cliff was unavoidable for many districts because of ESSR funding and COVID, planning for future refresh cliffs can be improved with more financial planning.

Holistic financial planning involves strategically planning for technology upgrades over time, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous access to modern devices.

Some districts will need to plan even more carefully to extend the life of K-12 student devices. By implementing strategic planning, districts can sustainably manage their technology refresh cycles and ensure that students have continuous access to the necessary tools for their education. In this case, the district should consider long-term strategic planning.

Don’t Rush to Buy

Before making any new purchases, conduct a holistic assessment to understand your current tech landscape and identify the most cost-effective solutions. This careful planning ensures that every investment is strategic and beneficial for the long term.

Watch this video to learn more about how your school or district can effectively navigate the device refresh cliff and make the most out of your technology budget.

Exploring Solutions to Save Your District Money

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1. Holistic Tech Assessments

Before making any significant investments, it’s crucial to conduct a holistic technology assessment. This involves understanding the entire tech ecosystem within the school to ensure every dollar is spent wisely.

2. Refurbished Computers: A Viable Option

Refurbished computers offer a cost-effective solution for schools needing to upgrade their technology. These devices are thoroughly tested and restored to ensure they meet high-performance standards.

3. Leasing Options

Leasing technology provides flexibility and keeps devices up-to-date without the need for large upfront investments. It ensures that schools always have access to the latest technology without straining their budgets.

4. Buyback Programs

Bluum's buyback programs allow schools to sell their old devices and use the proceeds to offset the cost of new or refurbished technology. This not only provides financial relief but also promotes sustainability.

5. Device as a Service (DaaS):

DaaS solutions allow school districts to bundle devices with services like white glove setup, warranty, technology assessment, and professional development. This ensures schools have a seamless and fully supported technology experience. And, it allows schools to better manage their budget as they will have a fixed monthly, quarterly price without having to incur extra expenses. 


Take Action: Discover the Savings with Bluum's Refurbished Program

Bluums Refurbished Program

Are you considering a new technology purchase for your school? Before you commit, let Bluum show you the potential savings with our refurbished program. Simply send us your current quote, and we'll create a comparative analysis using our open box and refurbished options. We'll match your needs and demonstrate how much you can save without compromising on quality.

Contact us today and see how Bluum can help your district maximize its technology budget!



Maximizing Every Dollar: In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to make the best of every dollar spent on technology. Bluum's solutions help schools extend their budgets without compromising on quality or performance.

Together, we can "make it work" for the future of education.

How Bluum Can Support Your District:

1- Technology Assessment: Bluum’s annual technology assessment for strategic decision-making.

2- Advisory Services: Expert guidance on selecting the right tools for educational goals.

3- Professional Development: Ongoing training to increase educator efficacy.

4- Purchasing New Devices: Bluums offers an extensive selection of student and teacher devices, peripherals, and accessories.

5- Refurbished Devices: Cost-effective alternatives to new devices.

6- Warranty and Repair Services: Protection for investments and minimized repair costs.

7- Device Buyback Services (ITAD) and Recycling: Recover value from retired technology assets.

8- IT Asset Management (ITAM): Asset management involves the tracking and control of all technology devices and assets within a district.

9- Education Summer Refresh Programs: Supporting Districts going through the summer refresh period including returning of student devices, securely disposing of outdated equipment, and gearing up for the deployment of new devices to incoming students.

10- Grant and Funding Services: Assistance in securing and leveraging grants.

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