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Are you making the most of your ESSER III funds? With Bluum's offering of award-winning AVID Products audio solutions, you can optimize learning outcomes, one headset at a time. 


Do you need help determining which headset is most suitable for your students? In this in-depth guide, you can learn more about Bluum’s AVID headsets and the advantages they offer to K-12 students.




Superior Headsets, Superior Learning Experience

You can make great use of your ESSER grant by purchasing new headsets for your students. With more schools incorporating technology into their curricula, the need for high-quality headsets is more significant than ever. Headsets ensure students can hear teachers and classmates clearly, allowing for more effective communication and collaboration. They also help students hear audio from educational videos and other resources more clearly. Headsets can benefit K-12 teachers as well (and as you know, when teachers are set up for success, so are their students).


With a high-performing headset, it’s easier for teachers to listen to and understand students -- even those with the softest voices -- and provide clear, direct feedback. Teachers can also use headsets to conduct meetings and conferences with fellow educators, parents, administrators, and others.


Bluum’s AVID Audio Solutions

Which headsets should you invest in with your ESSER III grant funds?


All of AVID’s headsets offer best-in-class safety with critical components designed to promote focus and wellness at school and home, including an easy-to-clean durable frame, molded and smooth edges, and chew-resistant cords. Providing affordability without sacrifice, all models provide high-quality sound, clear communication, and comfort. Ensuring that your students can stay focused, hear every word you have to say, and with noise-canceling microphones be heard when it’s their turn to talk, all of which are critical for testing and assessment success.


Check out our selection of AVID Products audio solutions below:


AE-25 Headset: Safe Support for Early Learners


Early learners have unique needs, and their headsets are no exception. If you’re thinking about using ESSER grant money to support your youngest students, consider the AE-25 headset, which is specially designed with young students in mind. This headset comes with soft over-ear pads that allow for greater comfort during long listening sessions and was developed to optimize voice and sound quality for a variety of activities, from story time to speech and reading assessments. It also consistently keeps audio levels below 85db to protect little ears from loud noises.


AE-36 Headset: Created for Focus, Communication, and Collaboration


The ultra-comfortable AE-36 headset with 3.5mm pin connection is perfect for classroom learning, at-home study, and everything in between. It produces crystal-clear sound and has a noise-canceling, adjustable boom microphone to help you hear every student, no matter how soft-spoken they might be. Meeting various state testing assessment requirements, this headset weighs in at just 105.4 grams, making it one of AVID’s most lightweight headset models. It was developed for long-term wear and doesn’t come with the pressure and fatigue caused by other headsets.


AE-36 USB-C Headset: Comfortable, Stylish, and Modern with Next-Level Sound


The AE-36 USB-C headset delivers the same lightweight comfort as the AE-36 but with the addition of a USB-C plug, which allows for greater compatibility across a wide range of devices. This headset is a popular option among younger listeners thanks to its adjustable headband and mid-size ear cups. Thanks to its comfort and flexibility, it works well for testing and assessments in a variety of environments, from school to home.


AE-39 USB Headset: Universally Dependable


If you’re looking for an all-around reliable headset, you can’t go wrong with the AE-39 USB headset. It’s beloved among learners of all ages, in part because of its fully adjustable headband and USB connector that is compatible with a variety of devices. This headset also offers a noise-canceling adjustable boom mic, mid-size earpads, and chew-resistant nylon braided cord. It includes a convenient set of in-line volume controls as well.


AE-55 Headset: A Double Award-Winning Favorite


The AE-55 headset with 3.5mm pin connection is a double award-winning solution that is a favorite among teachers and students alike. It boasts a variety of features, including padded, tilting earpieces and noise-reduction for better focus. This headset is expertly designed to meet the strictest testing requirements, including TELPAS. It’s also the only model with a noise-canceling, ambidextrous mic that can rotate 270 degrees to provides a custom fit.


AE-55 USB Headset: The Headset That Does It All


The AE-55 USB headset provides impressive sound for testing, 1:1 learning, and more, making it an excellent option for students and teachers. If you want to make good use of your ESSER funds for schools, you can’t go wrong with this headset. In addition to the convenient bidirectional microphone -- which also limits surrounding noise to ensure clear communication at all times -- and USB port, this headset also offers in-line volume controls for easy volume adjustment and muting.


AE-75 Headset: Engineered for an Effortless Experience


If you’ve been searching for superior sound quality and enhanced communication, you can’t go wrong with the AE-75 headset. This headset offers universal functionality across a variety of devices and platforms, as well as larger-than-average speakers to enhance deep bass tones and provide the most transparent, most natural sound possible. It also includes noise-reducing earpieces, a bidirectional, noise-canceling boom mic, and deluxe padding surrounding the ears.


AE-79 USB Headset: Clear Communication and All-Day Comfort


The AE-79 USB headset offers same features as the AE-75 but comes with a USB plug with in-line volume control for increased convenience and compatibility with a variety of devices. If you use ESSER 3 funds to purchase this model, your students will have access to larger speakers for enhanced sound, as well as a flexible, noise-canceling, rotating microphone, which ensures clear communication all day long. Perfect audio solution for Esports and learning in any environment.




Enhance Your Students’ Education with Bluum’s Audio Solutions

If you’re looking for a good way to utilize your ESSER funding, consider investing in new headsets. They fall under the ESSER 3 allowable uses umbrella and are an excellent solution for students of all ages. With their inclusive design and advanced features, Bluum’s offering of AVID Products award-winning audio solutions can help you facilitate lessons, promote collaboration, and set your K-12 students up for success during testing, hybrid learning, and more.


Do you want to learn more about AVID headsets and other audio solutions? Whether you have questions about specific products or need recommendations to find the best headsets for your students, our team is here to help you make the most of your ESSER 3 funds. Contact one of our experts today to get started.