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Customer Success Story

Iowa City Community School District

In today's tech-driven world, the integration of innovative digital solutions into education is crucial. However, physical education often gets overlooked in this digital revolution. Yet, the Iowa City Community School District, in collaboration with Bluum and Lü Interactive Playground, is showcasing a groundbreaking shift that emphasizes the significance and feasibility of tech integration in physical education.


Nestled in Hawkeye Country, home to the University of Iowa, the Iowa City Community School District serves a diverse student body of around 14,000 from five municipalities: North Liberty, Iowa City, Coralville, University Heights, and Hills. This diversity enriches the learning environment but also presents challenges in ensuring equal access to resources.


The Challenge

Before Bluum’s Interactive Playground solution adoption, the Iowa City Community School District grappled with various challenges. Chiefly, the lack of standardized technology solutions led to unequal audiovisual resources across schools. This inequity raised concerns about fair access. Additionally, the district faced the substantial need for technology in gymnasiums, often overlooked despite being distinct learning spaces.

The Solution

To tackle these issues, Bluum and  Interactive Playground entered the picture. Interactive Playground Solutions offered a unique remedy, fostering high engagement and accommodating diverse learning preferences. Its cross-curricular potential extended beyond physical education, reinforcing concepts in subjects like math and science. 



Implementing the Lü Interactive Playground

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The Lü Interactive Playground Solution adoption process was meticulous. Detailed gymnasium assessments factored in lighting, wall space, and existing obstacles. After installation and teacher orientation, Lü Interactive Playground Solutions gradual implementation began with warm-ups, skill practice, and interactive activities. Bluum’s professional development ensured educators were proficient in using Lü Interactive Playground Solutions for daily engagement.


Lü Interactive Playground has elevated student engagement, fostering social-emotional skills, teamwork, and patience. It enables cross-curricular integration, accommodating diverse learning preferences.
- Alexandra Dirkx, Bluum Account Executive


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The Iowa City Community School District case exemplifies tech's transformative power in education, even in often-neglected areas like physical education. Bluum and Interactive Playground Solutions collaboration, through strategic planning, solution design, and ongoing support, showcases that with the right tools and approach, equitable and engaging learning is attainable. The Interactive Playground Solution, with its engagement and cross-curricular integration, plays a pivotal role in enhancing learning outcomes and accessibility. This success story offers a model for districts aiming to infuse tech into their curriculum to fuel growth and enhance learning opportunities for students.


About Bluum

Bluum's mission is to enhance learning accessibility. Their approach involves strategic planning, customized solutions, and sustained support, empowering educators to wield edtech tools effectively. Bluum operates on three pillars: Strategic Planning, Solution Design, and Ongoing Support. 



Strategic Planning 


Solution Design 


Ongoing Support 

Bluum's strategic planning involves understanding a district's mission, vision, and goals. They offer research-backed advisory services to tackle obstacles.  Bluum tailors product selections with free demos and consultative guidance, ensuring seamless integration within the existing educational ecosystem.  Bluum's commitment extends beyond implementation, providing continuous technical support, training resources, and professional development. 



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