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Defining Digital Responsiveness and its Importance

With so many variables, it can be maddening to make them all align in a way that proves effective. But Bluum has already done that part for you. We have created the blueprint, so let us share it with you.

New, promising initiatives backed by research and supported by experts fail to succeed in schools across North America every year. While some point to lack of funding, issues with buy-in and resistance to change, a deeper look would reveal some common foundational gaps among these schools. Just as Maslow¹ theorized that basic human needs must be met before a person can tackle personal growth and advancement, we at Bluum believe that an educational organization must first address key pillars of digital responsiveness before taking on the challenges of any new project or initiative


Nine Pillars of a Digitally Responsive Organization

We’ve put together a framework of indicators based on work done by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre², to help schools and districts evaluate their digital responsiveness and identify areas of improvement. Our Advisory Services team at Bluum has the experience of working with educational organizations across North America, and they’ve seen the common factors that set educators and students up for success. Through research, experience, and data, they’ve identified these nine areas as indicators of a Digitally Responsive Organization:



To take a closer look at this framework, check out this resource: Defining a Digitally Responsive Educational Organization


Taking Steps Toward Digital Responsiveness

The reality of today’s educational landscape is challenging. School districts across the country are understaffed, underfunded, and overwhelmed. In response, Bluum’s Advisory Services Team continues to grow because educational organizations need a trusted partner to look beyond the next technology implementation and help school districts continue on their path to digital responsiveness.

Advisory Services

Bluum offers a range of services to meet the needs of every organization. Whether you are just starting on this journey or are well on your way to being a digitally responsive educational organization, the Bluum Advisory Services Team is invested in your success and can provide any level of support.