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Nine Pillars of a Digitally Responsive Organization

We’ve put together a framework of indicators, based on work done by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre¹, to help schools and districts evaluate their digital responsiveness and identify areas of improvement. Our Advisory Services team at Bluum has the benefit experience of working with educational organizations across North America, and they’ve seen the common factors that set educators and students up for success. Through research, experience, and data, they’ve identified these nine areas as indicators of a Digitally Responsive Organization:



Leadership and Governance

  • Mission, vision and strategy integrate Digital Age learning
  • Strategy is supported by a plan​
  • Management and governance model in place​
  • Building capacity at all levels​

Teaching and Learning

  • Digital competence is promoted, benchmarked and assessed​
  • Instruction Prioritizes:​
    • Engagement​
    • Creativity​
    • Personalized learning​
    • Integrated digital age standards​

Professional Learning

  • Ongoing​
  • Varied​
  • Active/opportunities for mastery​
  • Leveled​
  • Timely​
  • Applicable ​
  • Supported​


  • Formats are engaging​
  • Informal and formal​
  • Valid​
  • Relevant​
  • Time provided for analyzing and responding to results​

Content and Curricula

  • Digital content promoted​
  • Students and staff as creators​
  • Subject-based learning​
  • Cross-curricular mapping​
  • Pedagogical redesign of curricula​

Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Within site and district collaboration​
  • Community and global partnerships​
  • Professional learning communities​

Wellness and Inclusion

  • Integration of:​
    • Digital citizenship​
    • Social-emotional learning​
    • Assistive technology​
    • MTSS​
  • Proactive focus on:​
    • Equity​
    • Access​
    • Digital literacy


  • AUP​
  • Tech support​
  • Technology tools​
    • Hardware​
    • Software​

Safety and Security

  • Planning, tools and resources for:​
    • Physical security​
    • Data safety​
    • Cybersecurity​

What Next?

Learn more about how you can become a digitally responsive educational organization or reach out to the Advisory Services team at Bluum to get a free consultation.