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Bluum Awarded Verkada’s Large Partner Segment MVP  

Bluum earned MVP honors from Verkada after securing more education net sales in a year than any other provider.

PHOENIX, AZ – July 18, 2022 Bluum, North America's leading education technology solutions provider, today announced that it recently received the honor of being Verkada's large partner segment MVP. Bluum earned the award after securing more net sales in less than a year in education than any other provider.

"It is an honor that Verkada, an industry leader in the physical security space, named Bluum its large partner segment MVP," Bluum Senior Vice President, Product Strategy Andre Vashilko said. "Bluum has expanded its suite of products and services to physical security at schools, so it was only natural that Bluum partnered with Verkada, which is on the cutting edge of that vertical. Verkada’s turnkey solutions benefit schools because their products are simple, plug-and-play devices ready to go out of the box and accommodate novice users.”

Bluum honored at Verkada's 2022 Partner Summit in Las Vegas.

Based on a 2019 National Center of Education Statistics data collection, nearly 71 percent of public schools experienced at least one violent incident, and 65 percent recorded at least one nonviolent incident, which is when a campus reports a theft or possession of a firearm or explosive. According to the Centers for Disease Control statistics, one in five high school students reported being bullied on school property last year. Also, two million U.S. middle and high school students reported using e-cigarettes in 2021, the most commonly used tobacco product in schools.

With such demands for physical security at schools escalating, Verkada’s easy-to-use systems that manage devices on a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure can help to improve physical security across sites. The centralized platform can empower users to scale massively and quickly, increase bandwidth efficiency, decrease incident response time, reduce vape use and enable remote access to sites from any browser or device without in-depth technical training.

"The health and safety of students, teachers, and administrators are paramount,” Verkada National Channel Sales Manager Zach Smith said. “Partnering with a leading education technology organization like Bluum to deliver and assist schools in deploying our products is an ideal match. Bluum's ability to consult and provide their customers with the best technology, services and funding options has made the company an invaluable partner to Verkada."

In addition to being trusted by Verkada's customers in education, Bluum will also market Verkada’s solutions to its municipalities and corporate customers. Bluum featured Verkada's next-generation solutions on its nationwide Tech Tour, which is an opportunity for schools around the country to sample the latest technology before they invest thousands of dollars.

To learn more about how Bluum and Verkada can provide your security needs, visit https://www.bluum.com/.

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