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Upgrading from Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals to Google Education Plus

Google’s suite of education apps and services make it simple to deliver online education at a distance, or to support in-person classroom activities that leverage digital tools for engagement.

However, your subscription plan can heavily influence the tools that you have access to; Google Workspace for Education Plus contains a wealth of useful tools that are absent in Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals.

If your institution isn’t using Google Workspace for Education, you could be missing out on key features that'll improve your student's and teacher's access to learning tools and resources. What's more, if you're a government-recognized, accredited institution that provides approved certifications, you could automatically qualify to upgrade to Google Workspace for Education.


A graphic of a folder in front of a tablet.Why Upgrade from Google Fundamentals to Google Education Plus?

Remote learning is becoming increasingly widespread, and Google Education Plus will connect you with tools that make it easier to manage your learning provision across the board, both in-person and online. 


Benefit from Enhanced Security

With Google Education Plus, you can retain hands-on control over devices in your network, managing applications remotely and enforcing security policies. You’ll also have tools that allow you to proactively and actively monitor cyberthreats and manage incidents if they do occur.


Gain Improved Oversight

With Education Plus, you'll have access to advance analytics that allow you to monitor everything from student engagement and performance, to audit logs for Google's suite of applications and student activity levels.


Expand Your Meet Capabilities

With Google Education Plus, you can expand your Google Meet capabilities to support up to 500 participants per meeting, paving the way for expanded conferences and group activities. You'll also be able to stream with up to 100,000 viewers. Education Plus also expands Meet capabilities to allow for Q&A, breakout study rooms, polling, and more.


Increase Your Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides a secure way to manage your essential academic information and student records of work. With Education Plus, you gain an additional 20GB per-user.


Upgrade Educator Access to Tools

Educators are at the forefront of providing distance education, so ensuring that they have the need to perform to the best of their ability is crucial. With Google Fundamentals, educators gain access to key tools that include originality reports and synchronized classroom rosters that integrate with your student information system. Education Plus is continually upgraded, with practice sets and other classroom add-ons on the horizon.

Unlock advanced security, analytics, teaching, and learning tools by upgrading.