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How Best to Empower Educators with EdTech: Teachers in Bluum Research Report


Are you an educator striving to enhance student engagement in your classroom? Discover the transformative power of educational technology with our comprehensive report, based on a nationwide survey of educators just like you.


Despite the rapid surge in EdTech adoption, the development of effective measures to evaluate its impact on teaching and learning has significantly lagged behind.


Our research report addresses this gap, offering comprehensive insights and actionable strategies to assess and maximize the effectiveness of EdTech in educational settings.


This report discusses this critical area of work and describes how teachers have been experiencing PD this past fall, as well as the impact and future considerations. Download the report to learn what our respondents believe about the technology in their schools, how they infuse it into their instructional practices, and the barriers they face when working with tech in their classrooms.


By downloading our report, you'll gain valuable insights into:

•    Innovative strategies for using EdTech to captivate and inspire your students.
•    The impact of Professional Development in mastering EdTech tools.
•    Real-life experiences of educators successfully incorporating technology into their teaching.

At Bluum, we understand that teachers are the cornerstone of student engagement. This is why we are dedicated to equipping educators with the confidence and skills needed to integrate EdTech seamlessly into their teaching methods. Our report doesn't just present data; it offers a deep dive into the experiences and future considerations of teachers who are at the forefront of integrating technology into their classrooms.


Your journey toward enhanced student engagement starts here!



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Learn how to Unlock the Real Power of EdTech with Emily Cook - Are you ready to see how your EdTech investments can truly pay off and improve student outcomes? 

In this era of skyrocketing EdTech use, the critical task is to evaluate the true effectiveness of these tools on our students' educational journey. Until now, there's been a disconnect between the adoption of EdTech and the evaluation of its impact on teaching and learning outcomes.


Get access to the tip sheet to help you ask the right questions and get to the heart of how impactful your edtech is on student outcomes.


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