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Emily Cook, Vice President of Education Services at Bluum, collaborates with Larry Jacobs, host of Education Talk Radio, to explore the exciting opportunities presented by emerging trends like robotics, Esports, and the ongoing integration of technology in classrooms and beyond. Leveraging her extensive experience in both the classroom and the industry, Emily offers valuable insights into navigating these evolving landscapes.


This isn't just another conversation; it's a deep dive into the transformative world where educational practices and digital innovation meet. From the evolving landscape of K-12 district leadership to the pioneering frontiers of EdTech, Emily brings her unique perspective to the table. With her rich experience in education, she'll unravel how modern technology is not just altering, but enhancing the learning experience.



Don't miss out on this insightful podcast episode that promises to empower, inform, and inspire. Tune in and let Emily's journey spark innovation in your educational approach. Listen now and be part of the conversation shaping the future of education.

Why Listen?

  • Discover the latest scientific research on the impact of educational technology in classrooms.
  • Learn how to effectively assess tech's effects on student learning.
  • Implement groundbreaking strategies in your school district.


Who Should Listen?


  • Educators looking to innovate their teaching methods.
  • School administrators seeking to make informed decisions about EdTech.
  • Anyone interested in the future of educational technology.