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The United States Department of Education has recently released the 2024 National Educational Technology Plan. The NETP highlights three critical digital divides in educational technology: use, design and access along with applied recommendations with the goal bridging these divides.


Bluum not only supports that mission and goal, but is the sole provider of educational technology solutions that align with all three divides. Through our comprehensive offerings, Professional Development and Advisory Services we are committed to ensuring all students have equal opportunities to access high-quality educational technology. The plan concludes by outlining guidance for state leaders, district leaders, school leaders and educators to reflect on their own impact in narrowing each of the 3 divides. This reflective practice aligns with the research and measurable work we are doing here at Bluum to further empower districts, schools and educators in driving this change and creating transformative, learning experiences with educational technology for all students.




Our experts love to share relevant articles and information from our most trusted educational partners. The views expressed in these pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions or endorsement of Bluum. All materials are cited for easy reference to original sources. 

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