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Customer Success Story

Irvington Public School District

Bluum's comprehensive tech rollout, featuring VR, STEM tools, Chromebooks, and more, transformed education in the district. Results included improved engagement, attendance, and academic performance, with students demonstrating enhanced problem-solving skills. Educators and administrators praised the impact on student responsibility and communication skills. Bluum's technology not only prepared students for a tech-driven world but also elevated the overall educational experience. The success story highlights the potential benefits for institutions seeking effective student engagement and improved academic outcomes through innovative educational technology solutions.


The Irvington Public School District, located in Irvington, New Jersey, is committed to providing quality education and fostering the academic and personal growth of its students. Within this district, the Rita Owens STEAM Academy stands out as a hub for innovative learning. The academy focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines. Rita Owens STEAM Academy aims to inspire students through hands-on experiences, collaborative projects, and cutting-edge curriculum to prepare them for success in an increasingly technology-driven world. The academy's commitment to STEAM education reflects the district's dedication to preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century.


The Challenge

Irvington Public Schools, a large district in New Jersey, was grappling with student engagement and attendance issues. Traditional teaching methods were not captivating students, and the district lacked the necessary infrastructure to incorporate technology-based learning. The district needed a solution to modernize their education approach, engage students more effectively, and improve academic outcomes.

The Solution

Bluum stepped in to help Irvington Public Schools revamp their educational technology. Bluum's initiative included a district-wide Class VR rollout, STEM tools such as Ozobots, Chromebooks for every student, Newline Interactive Flat Panels, and an AV system—all aimed at the Rita L. Owens STEAM Academy.



The Results: Improved Student Engagement, Attendance, and Academic Performance

The technology rollout had an immediate impact on student engagement. As Dr. Denise Cooper, Grove Street Principal, noted, the joy within the students was evident as they were no longer passive learners. The opportunity to interact with technology brought an element of adventure to their learning, improving attendance rates and active participation.


“Touching, feeling, seeing the joy of learning unfold! Our students at STEAM Academy are thrilled with the Chromebooks. It's not just a page in the book; it's a hands-on experience!”
- John Amberg, Tech Director, Irvington School District


Mr. Amberg

John Amberg, Tech Director for Irvington School District, highlighted the importance of technology in developing students' fundamental coding skills. Simultaneously, the introduction of technology gave students the tools and independence to conduct their research, enhancing their knowledge not just in engineering, but across various fields.




Emmanuel Fadahunsi



Emmanuel Fadahunsi, an Educator at STEAM Academy, praised the impact of technology on student responsibility and engagement. The students took good care of their assigned technology and utilized it to expand their knowledge.



Alisha Markle



Alisha Markle, Grove Street Media Specialist, shared an instance where students designed and raced sailboats, demonstrating their problem-solving skills and creative thinking.




Tyisha Bennett


Tyisha Bennett, Principal at STEAM Academy, observed considerable growth in students' communication skills and academic pride, which she attributed to the hands-on, relevant learning tasks enabled by technology.





April Vauss


Dr. April Vauss, Superintendent, Irvington School District, shared a success story of a scholar who scored a perfect score on the math section of a standardized test, thanks to the technology-driven program.





The students also expressed their enthusiasm for the new technology, highlighting how it made learning more engaging, helped them internalize information, and prepared them for the technology-driven world.


Student 1


Student 3


Student 5


Student 4


Student 2


Student 6





The partnership between Irvington Public Schools and Bluum transformed the educational landscape of the district. The comprehensive tech rollout not only improved student engagement and attendance but also significantly boosted academic performance.

If you are an educator or an institution looking for ways to engage your students more effectively, modernize your teaching methods, and improve academic results, Bluum's educational technology solutions could be the answer. To learn more about how Bluum can benefit your school, reach out to us today and take the first step towards transforming your students' learning experience.


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