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As we strive to support and enrich the communities we serve, it's crucial to spread the word about opportunities that align with Bluum's goals. 

The Distance Learning & Telemedicine (DLT) Grants Program is one such opportunity, designed to enhance education and healthcare services in rural areas through advanced telecommunications.


Application Deadline


The window for applications is now open, with a closing date of April 29, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. This is a chance we don't want our communities to miss!


Who Can Apply?

The program is inclusive, welcoming applications from:


Petal_Icon_SkyLeafState and local governmental organizations

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafFederally-recognized Tribes

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafNon-profit organizations

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafFor-profit businesses 

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafCollaborative groups of eligible entities

The Grant Focuses on Rural Areas: The DLT grants aim to serve rural communities with populations of 20,000 or fewer*, targeting those most in need of technological enhancements in education and healthcare.

*Meet rurality requirements. 


What You Can Use the Grant For

Grants can fund a variety of tools and services, including:

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafTelecommunications equipment

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafBroadband infrastructure

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafComputer hardware and software

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafEducational and instructional programming

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafTechnical assistance for using telemedicine and distance learning technologies


Grant Details

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafThis is a grant-only program, requiring a 15% match from non-federal sources.

Petal_Icon_SkyLeafAwards range from $50,000 to $1 million, with a three-year performance period.


Getting Started

Determine your eligibility for this program. 


Applications are submitted through Grants.gov, with additional resources and guidance available online. 

For more detailed information or assistance, you can reach out to your Account Executive at Bluum. 


You can also schedule a 15-minute free consultation with our Grant and Funding Expert to help answer grant funding-specific questions.  


Access these guides to help you navigate the application process

  • Bluum's Quick Start Guide: This comprehensive overview includes key due dates, program descriptions, and information on allowable costs. It’s crafted to simplify the grant application landscape for you.

  • Official Application Guide by the USDA: For a deeper dive into the DLT Grants Program, this guide offers detailed insights and instructions.


Let's ensure our rural communities are aware of and can benefit from this fantastic opportunity. Your role in spreading the word is vital. Please reach out, engage, and support potential applicants in navigating the application process. Together, we can make a significant impact.


As a Next Step, Consider a Tech Assessment


Assessment-blueAs educators and decision-makers know, technology investments must align with your strategic goals at every level to optimize student opportunity, creativity and engagement. Participating in a Technology Assessment is the first step in developing a strategic plan for the use of technology both pedagogically and operationally, and to identify the school’s needs for  equipment and professional development. The assessment process provides the foundation to design, build and maintain your digital ecosystem to ensure students have equitable access to resources that support digital-age learning environments.

Technology Assessment Process:

  1. Interview Technology Team and gather data to complete assessment, including technology inventory, budget, and personnel resources - 1 ½ hours
  2. Generate a report that identifies areas of success and opportunities for growth
  3. Review meeting to identify next steps for planning - 1 hour


About Bluum

Bluum is committed to supporting educational institutions in their mission to create safer learning environments through strategic planning, technology integration, and access to critical funding resources.


At Bluum, we go beyond upgrading your tech; we're your allies in crafting an educational future where technology elevates every student's learning experience. 

We're passionate about turning yesterday's gadgets into today's learning tools, working hand-in-hand with school districts to harness the power of K-12 technology for remarkable student outcomes.
Contact Bluum today to find out how we can help your District or School.


Our experts are ready to introduce you to the latest in K-12 tailored innovations, ensuring your decisions pave the way for a brighter educational future of tomorrow.


pattern-bluum-garden-01Bluum’s Offerings:


Contact Bluum today to find out how we can help your District or School.


Bluum offers consultation, research, support and eligible products and services to guide districts to understand the requirements for competitive and non-competitive federal grants and funding applications. Bluum provides such services free of charge and with no expectation that Bluum will receive any benefits from the grant other than through a fully competitive bid process as required by any applicable rules and regulations. Bluum assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions occurring in the provision of such services. In no event shall Bluum be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the provision of any such services. (February 2023)

Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant

Deadline is April 29

Fill out this form to schedule a 15-minute free consultation with Bluum's Grant and Funding Expert to help answer grant funding-specific questions.