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The last few years have been full of uncertainty for schools. One thing that is certain — the need for 1:1 devices has never been more important for student and teacher success.

School IT leaders are facing new challenges when it comes to supplying and maintaining devices. Technology departments are experiencing an immense amount of pressure to keep devices repaired and in circulation while operating under already tight budgets.

Protecting your device pool doesn't have to break the bank, though! A good protection plan can help guarantee that if accidental device damage occurs, you won't have to scramble to purchase new devices or pay for costly repairs.



How Warranty Coverage Can Help Your School

Warranties provide peace of mind when the likelihood of device damage is high, such as when students transport laptops between home and school.

Warranties are ideal for any school, particularly those with limited budgets, as they can provide significant cost savings over the long term. With a warranty, you can count on a fixed payment amount per device and won't have to worry about budgeting for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged devices or students having to go without while their laptop or tablet is undergoing repairs.



Choosing The Right Coverage For Your Needs

Device protection plans are a lot like healthcare plans. You should choose the right option to fit your needs and budget. At a minimum, you should consider the following criterion when looking at coverage:

  • Extended manufacturer warranty
  • Coverage for accidental damage repairs
  • Unlimited repair claims
  • Plan duration
  • Battery and power replacement options
  • Shipping costs (some may cover parts and shipping both ways)
  • Access to 24/7 customer service support
  • Quick repair time
  • Convenience

You may not need all these features, but it's essential to consider them when selecting a device protection plan.



Safeguard Your Investments With A Shield

Bluum SHIELDSM comes with one of the best coverage plans in the industry. It acts as an extension of the original manufacturer (OEM) warranty and accidental damage protection, with Bluum coordinating all repair services on behalf of the purchaser for devices covered under the original OEM warranty.

Bluum SHIELD also gives you 24/7 access to an online customer service portal to get assistance whenever you need it. Expedited repair service is also included and helps ease the workload for your school's tech team by maximizing working device uptime.

No matter what uncertainties the school year may bring, you can be sure that with the right protection plan, your devices will be in good hands should they become damaged. That means you can focus on what matters most – learning!

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