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In the competitive world of technology business, especially in K12 and Higher Ed segment, standing out requires not just innovation but sustained growth. Bluum, a leading trusted technology provider and partner, has once again etched its name onto the illustrious Inc. 5000 list, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. Join us on a journey through Bluum's remarkable achievements, exploring the factors that position it among America’s fastest-growing companies and a top K12 classroom technology provider.


Checkout exclusive interview of CEO, Erez Pikar, on making the Inc. 5000 list



  1. The Inc. 5000 Recognition: A Badge of Honor

Bluum's inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list signifies more than just a numerical ranking. It's a recognition of exceptional revenue growth, U.S.-based operations, and a dedication to independence. Discover how Bluum consistently meets the stringent criteria set by Inc., solidifying its place among the nation's elite businesses.


  1. EdTech Leadership: Shaping the Future of Learning

As an EdTech leader, Bluum's journey goes beyond accolades. Dive into the company's role in revolutionizing education through cutting-edge solutions. Explore how Bluum has become a trusted EdTech solutions partner, offering modern classroom technology and spearheading the integration of AI in education.


  1. Custom Solutions for Educators: Tailoring Success Stories

Bluum's success is not just about technology; it's about understanding the unique needs of educators. Uncover how Bluum stands out by providing custom solutions that address the specific challenges faced by teachers in the modern educational landscape. Through teacher professional development, Bluum empowers educators to navigate the evolving realm of EdTech.


  1. Ensuring Classroom Security: Beyond the Digital Realm

In an era where education is increasingly digital, physical and cybersecurity are paramount. Explore how Bluum extends its influence beyond edtech, providing physical security solutions and K12 cybersecurity. Delve into the holistic approach that ensures the safety and integrity of modern classrooms.


  1. Future Vision: Growth, Innovation, and Shared Achievements

The journey doesn’t end with inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list. Peek into Bluum's vision for the future—marked by sustained growth and innovation. Discover upcoming projects that will further solidify Bluum's position as a leader in the education technology space, fostering shared achievements with its valued partners.


Bluum's inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list isn’t just a celebration for the company: it's a triumph for educators, students, and stakeholders who trusted Bluum solutions and services. As we applaud Bluum's journey, let's look forward to a future where the company continues to shape the landscape of education, embracing new technologies and overcoming challenges in the ever-evolving world of EdTech.




For more information on modern classroom, K12 technology solutions, classroom security solutions or professional development services, please contact us. Bluum's innovative solutions, its role in shaping the modern classroom, and the commitment to excellence that earned it a place among America’s fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list. Stay updated on the latest in EdTech and classroom technology.