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Bluum and SCA Partner for Exclusive JADE™2.0 Air Purifier Offer

With the White House and CDC recently stepping in to release recommendations and critical federally funded programs to boost classroom air quality, Bluum and SCA have teamed up to provide schools with this time-sensitive offer. 


PHOENIX, AZ – September 20, 2022 Bluum, North America's leading education technology solutions provider, recently announced an exclusive program with Surgically Clean Air (SCA) to make it more affordable than ever to deploy its best-in-class JADE™2.0 Air Purifiers to K-12 educational institutions in North America until December 31, 2022. Schools still have widespread access to federal funds to optimize ventilation through inspection, repairs, upgrades and replacements to HVAC systems, as well as installing new portable air purification systems to facilitate better ventilation.

"Air purifiers are not just about COVID and other airborne viruses," Bluum Senior Vice President of Product and Partners Andre Vashilko said. "They fight all viral and bacterial pathogens, dust, environmental pollutants such as wildfire smoke, allergens, and there is a direct link between air quality and better learning outcomes. We couldn't be more excited to team up with SCA, a top provider in commercial grade, premium air purification solutions for medical professionals, businesses and educational institutions in our efforts to help combat absenteeism and improve academic performance."

With many unproven and harmful products flooding the market, the White House and CDC recently stepped in to release recommendations and critical federally funded programs to boost classroom air quality. In response, Bluum specifically teamed with SCA, which currently has systems deployed in thousands of classrooms throughout North America.

The JADE™2.0 Air Purifier is not only a powerful, effective, and extremely quiet standalone portable air purifier, but it also relies on proven technologies such as CDC-recommended HEPA and activated carbon filters. Trusted by customers worldwide, SCA is currently protecting the New York Rangers, Walmart, the United States Navy, the Toronto Raptors, the Ontario Ministry of Education, Walter Reed National Medical Center and Exxon Mobil, among others.

"The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives for more than two years, but perhaps the hardest hit were children who suddenly found themselves unable to go to school," SCA Founder and CEO Marshal Sterio said. "School districts have done everything in their power so that children can experience a normal year, but that can only happen if superintendents make air quality a top priority. That's why we are excited to be working on this program with Bluum to make it more affordable than ever for schools to make their facilities as safe as possible for everyone."

To better assist schools with expediting their federal funding, Bluum's Grant Advisory and Funding Services divisions are available for a complimentary consultation. Schools interested in learning more or those ready to engage with Bluum's Air Quality Expert can visit https://www.bluum.com/solutions/health-safety/air-purification.

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