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Bluum is Here to Help

Learn more about Staymobile's Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Bluum's commitment to support customers through the complicated aftermath.

Protecting Your Investment

Staymobile's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has created some serious complications for a lot of people. If you purchased a Staymobile warranty from Bluum (formerly Trox + Tierney), we promise to do everything we can to support your schools. Here's how:


Recover Devices

If you have devices that are currently in Staymobile's possession, we can take over the difficult task of tracking, recovering, shipping, and repairing those devices.



Bluum can represent you in any future dealings with StayMobile ownership and other related parties. This will include retaining counsel to protect our customer's rights.


Continued Support

We will support the remaining warranty period for any device purchased with a Staymobile warranty through Bluum. Our excellent in-house operations teams are working hard  to prepare for what's to come.

Get Started Now

In order for Bluum to help recover your devices, represent you in any future dealings with Staymobile or third parties, and take over remaining warranty periods, you need to complete the following steps.


Download and print the "Assignment" document.

Download Here


Complete the document with a notarized signature. 


Email the completed file to Bluum.



Take a deep breath. We've got this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning Your Warranty

What does the “Assignment” document mean?

By filling and signing this document, you are giving Bluum limited power of attorney in any future dealings with Staymobile or other related parties. This allows Bluum to represent you and your interests in any attempt to recover your devices and protect your rights as the customer.

Why do I need a notary for this?

It is a legal requirement that protects your rights and property, as well as authorizes Bluum to be able to represent you with the bankruptcy Trustee and in any future dealings with Staymobile ownership and other related parties.

What if I can't find a notary?

We are happy to procure a remote notary on your behalf. Send your request to warranty@bluum.com.

Do I need to complete the “Assignment” if I don’t have devices currently in Staymobile’s possession?

Yes. The Assignment gives Bluum standing to deal on your behalf with the bankruptcy Trustee, but also take on any dealings that could help mitigate the cost of dealing with your remaining Staymobile warranties.

I didn’t buy my devices and warranty plan from Bluum. Can I still get support?

Bluum will take over Staymobile warranties for customers that purchased the warranty through Bluum, regardless of where the covered device was purchased. Bluum is not taking over Staymobile warranties that were not purchased through Bluum, regardless of where the device was purchased.

Returns & Repairs

How do I submit an RMA?

We are working on building a new online portal, which should be ready later this summer. To submit an RMA prior to then, please email service@bluum.com with your device manufacturer serial number and the issue with the unit. We will send you an email response with an issued RMA number and FedEx return shipping labels.

Will I receive a demo of the new portal?

Once you have been entered into the system we will email you a video demo. You will also have the option to attend a live demo.

How do I see the status of my RMA orders?

Once you are added to the portal, you will see all information there. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the status of your RMA, please email service@bluum.com.

How can I get packaging for my RMAs?

Please contact service@bluum.com to request packaging and we will ship it out to your location.

What information will I receive with my device after it's repaired?

We are working on a repair sheet that will be attached to all devices. Until then, you can email service@bluum.com with any questions about what was repaired.

What is the average turnaround time for devices?

Our average turnaround time is 9 days, though we do expect delays with the increase in volume. If you have any concerns about a particular device, please reach out to service@bluum.com.

What will happen if my device cannot be repaired?

We will attempt to repair your device but if we are unable to, it will be replaced with a comparable model.

Still Have Questions?

Send us an email at warranty@bluum.com, and we'll get back to you within one business day.