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Bluum in the media

July 2012

"An assortment of goodies." See full issue: April 2012

"Get into a Sample Size. No willpower required." January 3rd, 2012

"Who doesn’t love a business that makes life easier? Well, that’s what subscription boxes — where subscribers receive a package of goods on a monthly basis — have started to do for parents." May, 22nd 2012

"I just cannot wait to receive these boxes because my son will now have one each month, too." November, 29th 2012

"I'm a sucker for wanting to try new products (especially when it comes to my kids) and with the mulitiude of products on the market these days, this monthly subscription allows you to try them out and decide what works best for you and your kids." December, 17th 2012

"I'm excited to see what next month's Toddler Box holds!" January, 8th 2013

"One of our parenting triumphs is finding the perfect product for your baby or toddler. It feels like hitting the jackpot. [...] To increase the ease and frequency of those prodigious discoveries, we suggest trying the subscription service for new parents–Bluum." December, 17th 2012

"For your next shower, think outside of the box ... and buy a gift subscription that will arrive in one every single month." March, 9th 2012

"Got your eye on that hot new wrinkle cream but want to sample it first? Enter Bluum." December 14th, 2011

"...a Bluum Baby subscription is such a thoughtful baby shower gift." March 2012

"And then we introduced you to Bluum - a company that sends monthly gifts for mom and baby." October 27th, 2011

"I can confidently say that Bluum is now my favorite option for affordable monthly goodies." October, 4th 2011

"Hot Tot recently crossed my desk in a Bluum package." September, 30th 2011

"Bluum is this awesome new subscription service that sends an amazing sampling of the best beauty goodies for babies and moms each month." May, 22nd 2012

"To sum things up, Bluum is awesome." March, 9th 2012

"It’s a brilliant concept that you’ll get sucked into from the first month!" February, 27th 2012

"The Bluum box is my current favorite way to discover new brands and products." February, 8th 2012

"It averages out to $11 a month, which isn’t a lot for a box full of great stuff." January, 28th 2012

"I can say that Bluum selects some of the best out there to share in the subscriptions." January, 25th 2012

"Natalie’s first box arrived just in time for her baby shower (definitely consider this gift potential, friends) and it was truly a hit." November 9th, 2011

"Subscribers receive samples of different mom-tested products to try out which they can later purchase from the Bluum store." October, 19th 2011

"Bluum is the newest way for moms to discover and test products each month. Their job is to sort through the overwhelming amount of choices for baby, beauty and wellness products, sending you snippets of the best of the best out there" October, 7th 2011

"As soon as my friends start popping out kids, this will be the first present I buy for them." September, 22nd 2011

"I loved that everything that came in my box is totally applicable and something we can and will use!" December, 27th 2011

"If you’ve ever purchased an entire line of skincare, only to still have it take up permanent residence in your bathroom closet, you’ll appreciate Bluum." January, 3rd 2012

"Sadly my subscription is up, but I definitely will be renewing it--a year's worth of surprises in the mail is only $9 a month! (such a good deal considering some of the full size samples cost that much alone!)" December, 21st 2011

"Bluum is great for a new mom with a small baby or newborn. Lot of new things to try out during that exciting time!" December, 28th 2011

"So far I have received 2 out of my 3 boxes and have been so impressed that I needed to share it with you!" December, 6th 2011

"I’m really looking forward to opening it." December, 2nd 2011

"Each month they send out haute little boxes filled with 4-5 deluxe samples curated by the moms of Bluum and based on a monthly theme." November, 22nd 2011

"Want to know what’s inside the Bluum box? Watch the video and find out! I think I said “super cute” and “awesome” 1,000 times. But it really is….super cute & awesome." September, 15th 2011

I just adore the Bluum company and my monthly subscription to Bluum Baby. And I am beyond excited to announce that Bluum now has a Toddler Box that was just launched this month! January, 1st 2013

An interview with Nicole, Brand Manager at Bluum. November, 17th 2011

"Hands down I am definitely getting a monthly subscription and so should you." September, 8th 2011

"What a cool and unique idea to have the newest and greatest products at your doorstep!!" August, 12th 2011

"I traded in my monthly subscription to the parenting magazines for a subscription to Bluum. When I heard about a box that comes to my door once a month, chocked full o' mom and baby goodies, I was S-O-L-D!" October, 14th 2011

"A monthly package full of baby/mommy goodies? I'm in." September, 16th 2011

"Even Pandora became a legend, compelled by her curiosity. And we're sure Pandora would love what's inside these boxes!" November, 26th 2011

"Such a fun and inexpensive way to test out some of the best products for your baby! " September, 8th 2011

"I just discovered Bluum. I'm intrigued." September, 8th 2011

"Newly launched, this cool new site offers a membership-based service for mom & baby." October, 28th 2011

"I love how simple things like a package can make your day." October, 3rd 2011

"I have a feeling it's going to be my new addiction. It's like a monthly Christmas present for mom and baby. " October, 11th 2011

"I am in love with this idea (honestly I wish I would have thought of it first)." September, 30th 2011

"Bluum is one of my favorite new companies. It’s just so stinking cool." November 10th, 2011

"Things I Am a Sucker For:
1. Teeny tiny things.
2. Cute packaging.
3. Things that arrive in the mail.
So, you could see why I am totally in love with Bluum, a sample package service for moms and babies!" September, 28th 2011

"Bluum baby is pretty dope – membership prices are reasonable, it’s a fun way to learn about baby products and a great gift idea for new parents! I can’t wait to get the next one!" October, 17th 2011

"I think this is a perfect add on to baby shower registry gift. Buying from the registry is always the way to go but I always want to add a little somethin' somethin' that is just from me - now I got it - Bluum." September, 23rd 2011

"I think the Bluum team did an incredible job with this box. I am so excited to get next months!" September, 29rd 2011

"We all love getting stuff in the mail." October, 10th 2011

"Lots more amazing products in this month’s Bluum box!" October, 26th 2011

"What is a Bluum Box you ask? Well, it is a sweet little box sent out to you every month packed with amazing goodies for mama + baby to test out." October, 17th 2011

"Launching in September, the service aims to deliver top baby, beauty, and wellness brands." August, 15th 2011

"So we've got pretty packaging wrapped in pretty packaging, wrapped in pretty packaging, wrapped in pretty packaging! Yay!" September, 10th 2011

"I'm super excited to try Bluum." August, 15th 2011

{INTERVIEW} Nicole from Bluum November, 14th 2011

"It's undeniable that there is something wonderful about a box filled with awesome stuff and that feeling of suspense as we tear away the wrapping paper. Now image that feeling every month...wouldn't that be nice?" August, 4th 2011

"Bluum is here, and it’s awesome!" September, 23rd 2011

"I so wish something like this had been around when i got pregnant with Harper. A box full of goodies delivered to my doorstep so I can try and see my favorites before I buy a big one? That would have ruled." August, 24th 2011

"The great part about this subscription is that it is both affordable and flexible, and you don't have to commit to more than one month at a time. After you buy it for yourself, give it to a friend at their baby shower. You can't go wrong with a present like this!" August, 16th 2011

"It's basically a monthly subscription with kickass surprise stuff inside for mommies and babies. It's fun. You should sign up." September, 9th 2011

"The product samples are carefully selected by Bluum’s team of moms, so you and your baby are more likely to love them." November 7th, 2011