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Ignite Student Engagement

Technology Solutions to Transform Learning

The key to transforming learning through technology is ensuring that it is planned, implemented, and supported with both students and teachers in mind. Bluum and LG can help to ensure success at each of these critical phases.



Enhance Student Engagement


Teachers find engagement to be one of the most powerful indicators of student learning and disengagement to be one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis.

Bluum has solutions that can help.


Practical Ways to Increase Student Engagement

Help Students Thrive with the LG CreateBoard ™


Technology is most likely to improve student achievement when it facilitates opportunities for student choice and autonomy, collaboration between peers, and differentiating learning. The LG CreateBoard inspires endless creativity and collaboration for every student to succeed.


Peer Collaboration

Students who engage in peer learning earn higher grades, and the impact is greatest for those with the least level of preparation for the course.




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Problem Solving

Students who demonstrate a higher degree of perseverance or “grit” also demonstrate success factors above and beyond what is predicted by their cognitive ability. Higher levels of “grit” are associated with higher levels of academic achievement.




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Opportunities for Choice and Autonomy

Autonomy is a sense of initiative and ownership in one’s actions. Students who feel a sense of autonomy are more likely to maintain motivation and increase their engagement in school activities.





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Encourage Student Autonomy


Allow Students A Personalized View


The CreateBoard is unique in supporting a remote viewing option with touch-back control and annotation, allowing teachers and students to interact with content in real-time and teachers to share content directly to students’ personal devices.  This feature also offers students access to a clear view and the ability to work with the content independently and in their own way. 

Teacher in front of flat panel and classroom

Elevate Collaboration


Collaborate in Real Time


Technology is most effective when it allows for collaborative work.  LG CreateBoard allows students to engage in activities like group projects and peer tutoring which builds social relationships, increases knowledge and enables diverse perspectives. 

Teaching holding up a cell phone in front of class and flat panel

Empower Every Student


Individualize Content to Suit Your Students’ Learning Styles


Adapt to your students’ changing learning needs by easily generating enriching examples and explanations using the CreateBoard’s content creation tools. The LG CreateBoard also enables live annotations of digital files to better instruct students on difficult material and provide real-time feedback. 


5 Truths About Student Engagement​

Student Engagement Truth #1 Icon

Truth #1

Student Engagement is an indicator of progress and achievement in the classroom.

  • 8 in 10 elementary aged students feel engaged in school
  • By high school that number drops to only 4 in 10

Student Engagement Truth #2 Icon

Truth #2

Educators across North America are facing a crisis of student disengagement.

  • Prior to spring of 2020 8 million students were considered chronically absent
  • By spring of 2022 that number had doubled

Student Engagement Truth #3 Icon

Truth #3

Classroom technology can increase student engagement when implemented thoughtfully.

Factors like:

  • Student interest and enjoyment
  • Improved confidence and attitudes
  • Enhanced relationships with peers and teachers

Have been shown to increase with use of EdTech.

Student Engagement Truth #4 Icon

Truth #4

Interactive flat panels (IFP's) can increase student engagement​.

Research shows that interactive flat panels have a positive impact on academic achievement, particularly when used to help​ personalize student learning​.

Learn how to maximize the features of your IFP to increase student engagement.

Student Engagement Truth #5 Icon

Truth #5

How teachers feel about using their classroom technology is directly tied to impact. ​EdTech is most effective when teachers have ample time for training. ​

When teachers report feeling capable, comfortable and positive ​about classroom technology, students report feeling more ​motivated and engaged​.

Support teachers in feeling effective with their edtech tools.

Schedule time with Bluum’s Education Services Team.

Get Started

Reach out to our educational services team to learn how to start igniting engagement in your classroom with The LG CreateBoard.





Read more about how EdTech technology solutions can transform learning and help with student engagement best practices.

Student Engagement Powered by EdTech

The implementation of educational technologies and integration into the broader classroom context can have a significant positive impact on student engagement. 

Maximizing Classroom Engagement with IFPs

IFPs became increasingly popular in educational settings in recent years. These high-tech displays allow teachers to create interactive and engaging lessons that help students stay focused and motivated.


LG's education solutions cater to a wide range of learning styles and teaching methods, making classroom environments immersive and engaging. With cutting-edge display technology and versatile features, everyone has the tools they need to create, inspire, and find success.