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Benefits of Choosing Google Chromebooks for Education

What sets Chromebooks apart is ChromeOS, the operating system that runs in the cloud to create a secure, reliable machine with a user-friendly interface that updates itself.
Remote Learning Made Easy
Highly secure with Cloud Storage
Simplifies Classroom Management
Drives Productivity and Efficiency
Integrates Seamlessly with Google’s Ecosystem
Customize to Fit Your Teaching Style

Find the Right Chromebook for Your School

Discover the latest Chromebooks and choose the best one for your classroom needs. You can choose from a broad array of models to find your favorite type, level of power, or even a preferred manufacturer.

Need Help Making a Decision? Try the Google Device Selector Tool


Get Started

Having educators and students on Chromebooks creates a unified learning environment, enabling everyone in a school community to teach, learn, and collaborate equally. Reach out to our sales team to get started.




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Chromebooks pair seamlessly with Google Workspace for Education to create an all-in-one device that offers a totally comprehensive teaching and learning environment.

Google for Education brings the best of Google to education by transforming learning environments wherever they may be.


Google’s Chromebook is well-suited to the evolving needs of students and educators engaging in remote and in-person education. 

In this webinar series, you'll learn how to identify the right Chromebook for your students.

Many schools are turning to devices that are easy to integrate into hybrid environments, which is likely why Chromebooks are the best-selling computing device in K-12 education worldwide.