the amazing story of bluum

It was early summer 2011 in New York City when bluum was born.

Founder and CEO Markus Rauschnabel - father of Linus (16 years), Laurence (14 years) and Lucie (10 years) - met his new neighbors who had just recently had a new child. It was obvious that they were struggling with an overwhelming amount of product choices for their little one. It was easy to get things shipped home, even overnight. However, what the new parents 'should' get was a much harder question to answer. What if, Markus wondered, there was a way to share the knowledge about the best products with many moms? And have them try the products for themselves at the same time?

A brand is born - but what's "bluum"?

There are a few things this new service needed to do:
- It allows you to try before you buy. If you like something, you can buy it later.
- Like a magazine, it recommends the best products, but they are the actual products you can try at home.
- It shows what other moms think and how the item worked for them.
- It allows to give brands feedback about what works and what doesn't.
The only thing missing was a name. Bluum's two founders hail from Germany, where "flower" means "Blume". Flowers bloom and so it was a quick way to have "bluum" connect the heritage of the founders with the idea of a blossoming child - a brand was born!

First box - first reviews

The next steps included assembling a team of moms to find products and get in touch with mommy bloggers. Shortly after, bluum kicked into high gear. The website went live and soon a few mommy bloggers picked up the concept, featured it on their blogs and only 3 weeks later more than 4,000 curious moms signed up to get their first box. In early September 2011 bluum was ready to see the light of day.

Teething pains and a remedy

In the beginning, Bluum sent a monthly box with 4 sample-size versions of mom & baby products to try. While the idea was wildly successful, we listened to feedback carefully and - inevitably - realized, that bluum had to grow up. At the beginning of 2013, bluum boxes got a makeover and since then include full-size products, hand-picked for each child's age, gender and developmental stage .

how we do it

Bluum has a team of expert m.o.m.'s (managers of merchandising) who spend their days trying new products, meeting and getting to know brands. It's their mission to evaluate whether a brand is a good fit to join the lineup of bluum's products. Doing that, the team applies hard criteria to make sure we only send responsibly sourced, free of dangerous chemicals and in most cases organically manufactured products that are healthy for baby and mom. Bluum currently works with more than 350 brands and over 1,000 different products.
A lot has changed since the early days when we packaged boxes here in our office. Because personalizing each box for each subscriber is very important to us, we gave the job of packaging our boxes to the experts at a fulfillment center. However, the products that end up in your box run through our own technology that ensures the products are suitable for your child's age, gender and developmental stage, as well as your lifestyle choices, milestones and needs that your little one encounters. Boxes will contain 4 full-size products for mom and baby. The age range begins with our pregnancy line where products are covering the life of a soon-to-be mom and a few items for the growing child. The baby line covers monthly boxes from newborn to 12 months. Toddlers range from 13 to 36 months and are followed by pre-K and pre-school boxes for children all the way up to 5 years. Don't forget, there are always one or two surprises for mom, too!
Each box is individually curated for each subscriber and packed by hand in Connecticut. We source our material in the USA and are proud to do so.

Where we are today

At bluum, we have a passion for babies and moms.